About Nick

Hey there, it is I, Nick Kim and I shall now tell you stuff about me. First off, I have been friends with Rachael for about two years now. We met in sixth grade, but weren’t really friends until eighth grade Spanish class. I happen to have liked her in sixth grade, but that was then, and this is now. She also happened to like me in eighth grade, but nothing ever happened. That is one of our main topics when discussing “What ifs”. As you know, I am crazily obsessed about the greatest band in the world, The Fray. Not only are they amazing musicians, but their lyrics are truly inspiring. I highly recommend that  you get their album now. Do it. I also am very interested in art, more specifically ceramics, but lately I have been feeling indifferent, and I’m thinking of becoming a history teacher instead. I love history. I love it so much that I am taking AP US History and have summer homework, which I don’t mind, in fact.

But enough of what you already know, here are some things you didn’t know about me. I have two different colored eyes. Yup, one of them is brown, and the other is blue. It is because I have WS; more commonly known as Waardenburg Syndrome. Google it and read the Wiki page and you will understand. I have one sister, Ally, who I hate. Do not judge me for hating my sister, because I do, so get over it. You didn’t have to live with her for 15 years. She graduated this year and is going to OCC, thank God. Other thing, I am an Atheist. I do not believe that there is a greater power in any form, because we live, life sucks and then we die. The end. The only thing that I do believe in is Karma, what goes around, comes around.

Now go read my life story and get outta here.


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