So, Plinky wants me to write a poem only using words that start with the letter ‘s’. I say, screw you, Plinky. I’ll do every line starting with ‘s’ instead. I’m too lazy to deal with that kinda crap. Well, here we go.

Somewhere under the great blue sky,
Sits a little girl with a small tear in her eye.
She wants to be anything but this sad.
She wants a new friend that will make her feel glad.

So this little girl finds a shy little boy,
Skip in her step, she’s filled with such joy.
She sits down beside him and tells him her name,
Still shy as can be, his silence can’t be blamed.

Scooting somewhat closer, she nudges his arm.
She tells him she will not cause him any harm.
She looks in his glare that appears very dry,
Still sitting hunched over, he lets out a sigh.

Soaked in the sunlight and warm summer air,
She breaks up a cookie, two halves she can share
She drops the big half into his tender hand,
Smiles appear at the gesture so grand.

Stare now very deep, he gives her his thanks,
Shit, I can’t find anything that rhymes with “thanks.”
Son of a bitch, this shouldn’t be hard.
Fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuucckkkk, LARD! :D

Until I wonder again, I’ll catch ya on the flipside. -Rachael


Illusions (a Sonnet)

I open my eyes to visions so clear

And hopes disappear in the day’s bright light

Illusions that drag me to dreams of fear

A story where love fades into the night


The clouds are on fire, the sea is sea green

The flowers are wilted, their stems still here

The sun is dark and can barely be seen

The stars shoot raindrops, mistaken for tears


Houses are empty, streets are deprived

The trees have fallen and merged with the ground

In a city longing to be alive

It’s lost on the map, never to be found


I walk down the road to a vague, empty space

A colorful life that seemed out of place.

Broken Wings

You toss yourself into the sky
And climb up in the air
Up to the heavens and beyond
And past the sunlight’s glare
Wind blows your hair out of your face
And dust into your eyes
You rip apart, your wings are torn
You fall into the lies

Just when you think all hope is lost
And life’s without a song
When every rhythm out of place
Needs somewhere to belong
Your broken heart will start to mend
Just like the pain you feel
The music flows back into life
Your scars will start to heal

I’ll promise you this sweet advice
Love is the only key
The soul inside of you is bright
The truth will set you free
So tape up both your broken wings
And teach them how to fly
You’ll float beyond the clouds above
That wrap you in the sky.

Her Skin Melts

She loves the thought of loving you
Her love is faithful, pure and true
I know she’ll think of you tonight
The wrong things changed, she made them right

She feels you near when you’re not there
She doesn’t know how much you care
And her skin melts against your touch
She’s never wanted you this much

You want to hold her in your arms
You want her heart, her face, her charms
And all the time, you hear her voice
And in your mind, you made the right choice

Your words are velvet in her ears
She’s loved you on and through the years
Her thoughts run you throughout her mind
Your fingers were made to intertwine

Your kiss makes her fall to her knees
You’re perfect through the eyes she sees
She’s making all the good times last
And trying not to let time pass

She needs your strength, your warm embrace
Her love is something she can’t replace
All she wants is you, her hearts only key
I want you to know  –  that girl is me.