Somewhere to Belong

I’m lost at sea, the radio is jamming
But they won’t find me, I swear it’s for the best
And then your frequency is pulling me in closer, til I’m home
And I’ve been up for days, I finally lost my mind
And then I lost my way, I’m blistered, but I’m better
Now I’ve gone astray, I tried to fall behind, but now I’m home

It’s been so long since I’ve seen your face
You’re out of reach, I’m out of place
And when everything goes wrong
We’ll have somewhere to belong
And as I try and try again
I miss you, oh, it just won’t end
These broken words must write this song
We need somewhere to belong

This room’s too small, it’s only getting smaller
Up against the wall, I’m slowly getting taller
In this wonderland, your skin feels so familiar, and I’m home
And as we dance, you twirl me round and round
In this sweet romance, you pull me in so close
It’s like an hourglass, our time is running out, at least we’re home


It’s been too long since I’ve seen your smile
And I know you’d walk miles and miles
How could we ever go wrong?


 I spent about two months rewriting, editing, and perfecting these lyrics to the best of my abilities. I’m still working on the piano part, but I felt like the lyrics needed to be published. This song seems to get stuck in everyone’s heads lately. I find it kinda humorous. So, for those of you who have it stuck in your head, but all you can do is hum the tune to a song you don’t know, this is it. The lyrics. Thank you all for all you’ve done for me, for helping me work on my music and writing. I truly appreciate it.  -Rachael


It’s Okay

I wake up Monday; I know it won’t be long
Yesterday, you said “Hello”
Before you know it, you’ll be gone
A memory fades; I know it’s just a thought
Now these words refuse to flow
Lately, I’ve been so distraught
I know this Tuesday, and as I say goodbye
I pull back all my fears
All the things I can’t deny
Those words I must say are slipping through my lips
And it’s like a thousand tears
When you say I won’t be missed

And we can both be in our element
Reminisce over times we once spent
And the night is growing thin, but it’s okay
Running ‘round in circles isn’t a life
And I can never tell what’s wrong, what’s right
I’ll live all on my own, but it’s okay

I come home Wednesday, the darkness starts crawl
Around the table, ‘cross the floor
And it’s climbing up the wall
And it’s so cliché, how I’m an imperfection
You don’t want me anymore
Well, I’m contagious, you’re infection


It’s just a Thursday, and you don’t even care
And I’d pick myself up, but it’s more than I can bear
I swear, you know, I hate the thought of you and me, again
But you’re still unaware


It’s one last Friday; I pack up all my things
I wish upon a star
I grow a pair of wings
Now it’s the last day, I’ll have to see your face
I won’t notice who you are
I won’t miss your cold embrace.


I wake up Monday, I know it won’t be long
Yesterday you said “Hello”
Before you know it, you’ll be gone.