Don’t Wait


Just a thought, what if Team Starkid, you know, the theater group that made A Very Potter Musical and Sequel, made a Hunger Games Musical!? I would die. No, seriously. Guise, cereasly. That would be amazing. And Darren Criss needs to be Katniss. And Joey Ricther needs to be Peeta. My life would be made. Those two played Harry and Ron respectively and were amazing. I could picture it now, “Frosting, what the hell can’t it do!?’

Oh look, the Rachael crawled out of her cave. Sorry, had to do it. You know as well as me that she has been slacking, severely. I didn’t mind because I was slowly taking over the blog and it would have been glorious. Plus, she probably won’t read this because she is currently on medication from her dental surgery. She is as high as a morphling.

Oh yeah, I got a Google+ Account. Be jealous bitches. But the sad thing was, that it linked to my YouTube account and somehow I ended up accidentally deleting my YouTube account! Now, granted there was no videos on their, but still! I have to go resubscribe to all of my old channels, sit through and go through all of my videos that piled up in my Sub box, and I lost my cool messages from my Inbox, including the one from Josh Sundquist! Ragequit. But I made a new one, and all is well.

On the homework news, I am doing pretty good. I sit down every morning and try to get through about 4 pages of questions. After that, I am too bored to continue and go online. But I sit in front of the tv, AC, and plug in my music, and I do pretty good. Oh, that reminds me, I need to call Rachael about a thing tomorrow at the library. A sort of mock Amazing Race, and I shall DOMINATE.

My cat has developed a bad habit. She will literally hop up on the kitchen table, lie down, and go to sleep, no matter what the situation. Especially when I am eating something that she wants a piece of. Normally, she would not do this, but we got slacking in disciplining her about it, and now we don’t really care. This is a very good post. I shall post this as soon as I am done, instead of what I usually do. That is, leave the tab open all day, and get around to publishing it before I go to bed.

Catch ya on the flip side-Nick



So Contagious

LOVE THIS SONG. By Acceptance, I think it describes life so well sometimes. It’s got rock, weird lyrics, and some odd instrumentals in there just to make it fancy. Music really does transcend into life. Wow. What am I on? Oh yeah, extremely oppressive heat.

No really. Why are we still doing this? I literally cry from laughing so hard at the shit I see on Tumblr. And I don’t know how to add GIF’s on to this post! I want to post the official Lionsgate poster for The Hunger Games, and since it is a motion poster, I have see them all over the interwebz. Tis amazing. Follow this link, NAOW:

I find this tid bit of information quite valuable, that it may take 42 muscles in your face to frown, but only 4 to bitch slap someone. Makes sense to me. I need cereal.

And with that randomosity, I say farewell. -Nick

Dear Maria, Count Me In

Bleh. This blog. Why are we still doing this? Tumblr is the shit. I literally stay up all night going through people’s posts and laughing my ass off. Anywhore, this song is by All Time Low and I found it via Pandora, but listened to it via Spotify. I am one of few Americans who are using Spotify now. *pushes up hipster glasses*

I found myself at the library today because I needed some books for AP World History summer work. No seriously. I got two. But I also happened upon Suzanne Collins OTHER book series!!!

Wait, she has written other books beside the Hunger Games?

Yeah, that’s what I thought to. It’s called Gregor the Overlander series and I only got the first book, because they didn’t have the second. So far, so good. More of a middle school book, so I am not expecting much. But I do detect a pattern with S. Collins books:

1) Fatherless children. This woman does not want a happy Father’s Day.

2) Weird as fuck names. Haymitch, Peeta, Katniss, Luxa, Vikus, and Dulcet.

3) Overall odd appearances, i.e. The Capitol people with their dyed skin and surgeries. The Underland people are described as having translucent skin and purple eyes.

4) BRAIDS!!!!!

She and J. K. Rowling make literature, wonderful. Also, they should team up to kill She-who-must-not-be-named. (Smeyer)


<This is Cinna.

What are we going to see in the movie!? I am afraid. So very afraid.

Tumblr, what have you done to me >.> I would never save a picture like this, but now I have like twenty of them. I need to end this. Before things get out of

…hand. -Nick

Jar of Hearts

Christina Perri, don’t do this to me! I am eyeball deep in Post Potter Depression! NOOO!!!

In case you have been on Mars this past week, Harry Potter came out on Friday. In unrelated news, my childhood ended on Friday. In even more unrelated news, Tumblr is evil.

The mix of listening to Wizard Wrock, seeing the last images of my childhood fade away, and realizing that I have nothing to live for anymore, has caused me to be a little emo. So excuse me if I go into a rage/rant!

Dear ignorant people who went to the  movies, and never read the books. GTFO. NOW. If you wanted a clear and concise explanation of everything happening in the movie, then you are in the wrong theater. This movie was meant to give closure. And it did, for those who read the books and have seen all of the movies. If you do not fall into those categories, then you don’t deserve to breathe my air. Oh, and the most annoying thing I have seen on the internet these last few days, is people asking for no spoilers, and people saying that Harry Potter is dumb. BITCH/DOUCHEBAG, SAY THAT TO MY FACE. Harry Potter is part of my life. I grew up with them. Suffered with them. Cried alongside them. If you are too dumb to appreciate basic human emotions, then you can go to the Twilight camp.

Ugh. Done. Needed to do that. .

My Queen Rowling said that the stories we love best do live in us forever. So, whether you come back page by page or by the big screen, Hogwarts will always be there to welcome you home. I do believe that as a member of the Potter Generation, this amazing franchise will never die. Even though the movies are over, and the books finished a while ago. Harry will never be forgotten. I will teach my children the importance of this character, and my grandchildren. And most importantly, Jo taught me so much about love, and friendship. I can never replace what I have learned from this fantastic woman. She deserves to be immortalized. I find her story to be truly inspirational. Without her, I would not be who I am today, nor would I know the people I know now. So, I thank you Jo Rowling. Words can not express how grateful I am to you.

My life is possibly over, but the idea of Pottermore is still bright against the darkness that I am facing at the moment.


Voldemort out, bitches–Nick



Let Me Be Myself

3 Doors Down. Pretty decent. First heard them in middle school, and really got into music.

So, in exciting news that pertains to me, I got my AP Score in the mail today. *drumroll*

I GOT A 5!!!!!

Now, for those who don’t know, the AP grading scale is based off of 5 points, with 1 being the worst, and 5 being the best. Basically, this amazing score that I got says that I can take a college class, and get an A in it. Also, I sent my score to the University of Michigan, and hopefully they look at it and think, ‘Wow, he is an amazing student, let’s offer him a scholarship’.  Let’s not forget that AP US History is also one of the hardest AP classes there is. But I’m not being modest or anything. Besides, I was on the phone with Rachael the entire time. She heard my cry of joy upon seeing the 5, and now she doesn’t have to deal with me talking about it anymore. We all win.

I’ve pinched myself so many times today. Life is good. Going to see Harry Potter tomorrow, and cry my eyes out. I love life -Nick

Superman (It’s Not Easy)

Five for Fighting. Hella yes, thank you Pandora.

Just a quick thing. There is the guy in YouTube, Jack Douglass and his channel, JacksFilms produces some great stuff. Me and Rachael are both subscribed and 6 hours ago, he held a live chat on a new website called Vokle. So of course, me and Rachael, and 400 other people get there to talk with Jack.. Now, one of the greatest things about Vokle is that you can chat and choose your own name, pretty freely. And Rachael, being the brilliant woman that she is, had the brilliant idea of us being Peeta and Katniss in the live chat box. So, we signed up under the names of Katniss Everdeen and Peeta Mellark and proceeded to wreak havoc. People laughed as we got into fights, and quoted, but some got annoyed. That’s when I realized that I. Had. Become. A. Troll.


This continued on for the entire two hours. Life well spent. -Nick