This is WordPress. OH, HELLO WORDPRESS! I almost forgot about you.


It seems I have neglected to post on here for six months. Sorry about that. Anywho, I made a Tumblr, which is a wondrous land of lollipops and rainbows. I’ve made friends there and all I talk about is Harry Potter and the Hunger Games. BUT DON’T GO THERE, YOU’LL GET HERPES.

Yes, my life has changed dramatically since July of 2011. I’m a junior in high school, I no longer have a boyfriend, and my life revolves around getting little sleep and playing Final Fantasy XIII. Besides that, my life feels the same, though I’m wondering whether or not it’s actually the same. Maybe I have the same friends, but I don’t worry as much about things anymore. Not much need to vent about my life, because drama is so rare. The only drama I face is online, but I really shouldn’t talk about that…online, I guess.

Now I’m back, wondering why exactly I’m here and what caused me to come around and reminisce over my old life. This is a good documentation of that, I guess, but my life will never be the same as when I made this blog in August of 2009. Back then I only cared about my first year of high school, among other things.

So, I’m here to tell you that this will probably be goodbye.

My eleventh grade life has enveloped me in a world of both stress and hilarity, but has ultimately eaten my life. Now the only person I truly vent to about things like my love life and what the latest episode of Grey’s Anatomy has done to me is…me, I guess. Nowadays I know better than to post things on here where everyone can see it.

I don’t have a need to talk out my problems anymore. Therefore, my need for this blog has become nonexistent. It’s been a fun ride, Rachael Wonders. It really has. But maybe this is the time to get off the roller coaster and find a new one.

And so, this may be the last time I type this.

Until I wonder again, I’ll catch you on the flipside. -Rachael

P.S. I lied. I’ll probably start posting on here more. It seems like a good place to talk about school or something. Who knows. But I’ll be back.

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About Rachael

I'm a writer who likes music. Cliche? How about this: I'm teaching myself piano and I'm halfway through writing two novels. Still think I'm not different then the others? I'm sixteen. I'd like to see you accomplish as much as I did, a sophomore in high school. So if you think I'm not unique, think again.

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