Don’t Wait


Just a thought, what if Team Starkid, you know, the theater group that made A Very Potter Musical and Sequel, made a Hunger Games Musical!? I would die. No, seriously. Guise, cereasly. That would be amazing. And Darren Criss needs to be Katniss. And Joey Ricther needs to be Peeta. My life would be made. Those two played Harry and Ron respectively and were amazing. I could picture it now, “Frosting, what the hell can’t it do!?’

Oh look, the Rachael crawled out of her cave. Sorry, had to do it. You know as well as me that she has been slacking, severely. I didn’t mind because I was slowly taking over the blog and it would have been glorious. Plus, she probably won’t read this because she is currently on medication from her dental surgery. She is as high as a morphling.

Oh yeah, I got a Google+ Account. Be jealous bitches. But the sad thing was, that it linked to my YouTube account and somehow I ended up accidentally deleting my YouTube account! Now, granted there was no videos on their, but still! I have to go resubscribe to all of my old channels, sit through and go through all of my videos that piled up in my Sub box, and I lost my cool messages from my Inbox, including the one from Josh Sundquist! Ragequit. But I made a new one, and all is well.

On the homework news, I am doing pretty good. I sit down every morning and try to get through about 4 pages of questions. After that, I am too bored to continue and go online. But I sit in front of the tv, AC, and plug in my music, and I do pretty good. Oh, that reminds me, I need to call Rachael about a thing tomorrow at the library. A sort of mock Amazing Race, and I shall DOMINATE.

My cat has developed a bad habit. She will literally hop up on the kitchen table, lie down, and go to sleep, no matter what the situation. Especially when I am eating something that she wants a piece of. Normally, she would not do this, but we got slacking in disciplining her about it, and now we don’t really care. This is a very good post. I shall post this as soon as I am done, instead of what I usually do. That is, leave the tab open all day, and get around to publishing it before I go to bed.

Catch ya on the flip side-Nick



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