Be careful of the curse.

Howl, by Florence + The Machine. One of my favorite songs right now. No, seriously, ask anyone. I just learned it on piano the other day, even though I was as high as a Macy’s Day balloon. It’s simply a beautiful song.

So, there’s this guy I like. And his name is Josh Hutcherson. And he’s going to be Peeta in The Hunger Games movie. AND I AM ETERNALLY IN LOVE WITH HIM. And stuff.

Seriously. It’s not healthy.

Anyway, I saw Harry Potter 7.2 last week with my family and stuff and SPOILER ALERT: I cried so unbearably hard when Fred died. It was like a wall of bricks came down and smashed me to bits. And I was all like, “Oh no you didn’t, Warner Brothers!” But, of course, I should be blaming JK Rowling.

I’m doing this weird Amazing Race thing with Nick Kim tomorrow. I have no idea what to expect, so please go attack his blog posts. Those two thoughts were not meant to be related, actually. I’m just really mad that he keeps blogging. Like, every day.


But…uh…yeah. My thoughts are all jumbled up in my mind right now. I’ve just learned to blame everything on the mysterious drugs my mom is keeping me on. Like, for example, I recently started playing MarioKart: Double Dash on my old clunker of a Gamecube, only to realize that I became atrocious at it. So I blame the drugs for my getting 7th place on Luigi Circuit. Because I can. TAKE THAT, NINTENDO.

Alright, I’m done for now. Sorry my brain is so mushy. I’ll try to make it better soon.


P.S. THIS. IS. BEAUTIFUL. That is all.

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I'm a writer who likes music. Cliche? How about this: I'm teaching myself piano and I'm halfway through writing two novels. Still think I'm not different then the others? I'm sixteen. I'd like to see you accomplish as much as I did, a sophomore in high school. So if you think I'm not unique, think again.

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